April 28, 2009Edit

Initiation CeremonyEdit

This meeting represented a revival of both the Philosophy Circle and the UMKC chapter of the Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society. The following new members were initiated:

  • Chris Anderson
  • Elizabeth Black
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • Andrew Gainey
  • David Goth
  • Anna Hess
  • James Hoskins
  • Ryan Lane
  • Jheel Mehta
  • Tim Nasti
  • Sara Polachek
  • Meryl Stutte
  • Don Walker
  • Carrie Stigge

In addition, officers were selected from this list, and were as follows:

  • Chris Anderson, President
  • Jheel Mehta, Vice President
  • Andrew Gainey, Secretary
  • Ryan Lane, Treasurer
  • Sarah Polachek, Public Relations

Also in attendance were Dr. Dana Tulodziecki, the faculty advisor, Dr. Bruce Bubacz, and Terry Stanley, the only remaining previously existing member of Phi Sigma Tau.

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