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A peer-reviewed collection of articles written by experts on a wide range of philosophical topics
A peer reviewed academic resource designed to provide detailed, scholarly information on key topics and philosophers in all areas of philosophy.


Project Gutenberg is the place where you can download over 30,000 free ebooks to read on your PC, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPhone or other device. It mostly consists of full texts of books which have entered the public domain. (Including works by Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hume, Kant)

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podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics...
LibriVox volunteers records chapters of books in the public domain and publish the audio files on the internet.

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"Analysis is the most established and esteemed forum in which to publish short discussions of topics in philosophy. Analysis maintains a distinctive, concise style and covers a wide range of topics including: philosophical logic and philosophy of language, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, and moral philosophy."


"Dialogue is the official journal of Phi Sigma Tau, the International National Honor Society in Philosophy. It is the continuing goal of Dialogue to provide a vigorous and lively vehicle for the exchange of philosophical ideas among graduate and undergraduate students interested in philosophy. Dialogue accepts for publications articles, discussions, and reviews in all areas of contemporary philosophical research."
"Episteme is a student-run journal that aims to recognize and encourage excellence in undergraduate philosophy by providing examples of some of the best work currently being done in undergraduate philosophy programs. Episteme is published under the auspices of Denison University’s Department of Philosophy."


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Melissa Muth, Miller Nichols Library: A Guide to Library Research in Philosophy


Journal calls for papersEdit

Conference calls for papersEdit

Undergraduate Conference at The College of New Jersey

Papers in all areas of philosophy are welcome.
  • Date: Saturday February 27, 2010
  • Location: The College of New Jersy
  • Keynote presentation: Jesse Prinz, the John J. Rogers Distinguished Professor, Department of Philosophy University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.
  • Submission deadline: Friday December 11, 2009
  • Papers should be suitable for presentation in twenty to twenty-five minutes' reading time.

The Florida State University Department of Religion’s 9th Annual Graduate Student Symposium

A partnership with the Society for Women’s Advancement in Philosophy’s 6th Annual Conference to present an interdisciplinary graduate student symposium. Graduate students are invited to submit proposals that engage this year’s theme: Sects and Sexuality: Issues of Division and Diversity.
  • Date: Friday February 19 through Sunday Februrary 21, 2010
  • Proposal submission deadline: Tuesday December 1, 2009
  • Final paper deadline: Friday January 15, 2010

Annual Georgia Student Philosophy Symposium

The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for the presentation of philosophical work of undergraduates to their peers.
  • Date: Saturday April 10, 2010
  • Keynote presentation: David Schmidtz (University of Arizona)
  • Submission deadline: Wednesday January 20, 2010
  • Reading length of paper should not exceed twenty minutes, though longer written versions are acceptable.

The Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for the presentation of philosophical work of undergraduates to their peers.
  • Date: Friday April 16 through Saturday April 17, 2010
  • Location: Pacific University — Forest Grove, Oregon
  • Keynote presentation: Alvin Plantinga (University of Notre Dame), "Science and Religion: Where the Conflict Really Lies"
  • Submission deadline: Monday February 1, 2010
  • Papers should be approximately 3000 words (10-12 pages)

Undergraduate Philosophy Conference at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Undergraduates are encouraged to submit philosophy papers on any topic.
  • Date: Saturday April 17 through Sunday April 18, 2010
  • Location: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Keynote presentation: Dr. Martha Nussbaum (University of Chicago)
  • Submission deadline: Sunday February 14, 2010
  • Papers should be no longer than 4000 words

Other conferencesEdit

Iowa Philosophical Society 66th Annual Conference

  • Saturday, November 14, 2009
  • Universityof Iowa, Iowa City
  • Keynote address: Laird Addis (Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa), "Nietzsche’s Ontology"

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