• Political
    • Freedom versus Security
    • Democracy versus Anything Else
  • Ethical
  • Religious
    • Theism versus Atheism
    • Free Will versus Determinism
  • Other
    • Plato versus Aristotle
    • Rationalism versus Empiricism
    • Is theory X a pseudoscience?


  • Visiting Professors
  • Local Professors from Other Departments
  • Non-academic Professionals
  • Alumni
  • Students


Reading & discussion groupsEdit

  • Based on past, present, or future classes
    • American Philosophy (Spring 2010)
    • Social & Political Philosophy (Spring 2010)
  • On some general category
    • Metaphysics
    • Epistemology
    • Logic
    • Science
    • Ethics
    • Politics & Law
    • Existentialism
    • Aesthetics
  • On a particular philosopher or book


Bake salesEdit

Community serviceEdit

Conferences & symposiaEdit



  • Dialogue, the undergraduate philosophy journal for Phi Sigma Tau
    • Based on the latest report, it appears that Phi Sigma Tau brings in a lot more money from initiation fees than it spends on all of its miscellaneous expenses. It could be interesting to suggest to them a conference and associated call for papers which would ultimately get published in Dialogue (either a regular or perhaps a special edition). The idea would be to offer to host it here at UMKC (Kansas City is in a nice central location, after all), with their organizational and financial assistance.
  • Online Undergraduate Conference


  • Regularly occurring purely social events
    • Location
      • On campus
      • In a bar
    • Time
      • Once a week (or once every other week), same day and time
      • One or two times a month, date and time to be chosen at the end of each prior event
    • Subject of discussion or activity
      • Whatever is desired, not required to be a philosophy-focused thing
  • Game parties
    • LAN
    • Board games

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