Why study philosophy?Edit

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  • There are a variety of personal benefits that one can obtain from a study of philosophy. For example, it can help with making decisions in life, both large and small. Besides, it's simply a fun subject to spend time with.
  • Philosophy can aid your broader education, enhancing your ability to succeed in all your other courses.
  • Experience with philosophy is likely to lead to many different occupational benefits. Employers are recognizing the value of a philosophy degree, and the skills acquired through a study of philosophy can make a person more successful in the workplace in many different fields.

What can I do with a philosophy degree?Edit

  • A major or minor in philosophy can be an excellent supplement to nearly any other major in college.
  • With the skills gained from a philosophy degree, a variety of employment opportunities become available:[1][2]
    • Law
    • Politics, policy analysis, and activism
    • Management & decision-making
    • Software development and design
    • Business and medical ethics
    • Teaching and research in higher education
    • Information science (librarians & archivists)
    • Philosophical counseling
    • Technical writing

What skills will I obtain by pursuing a philosophy degree?Edit

  • By earning a degree in philosophy, you will acquire a variety of widely applicable skills, such as:[1][3]
    • Abstract reasoning
    • Interpretation & analysis
    • Research & synthesis
    • Written and verbal communication
    • Creative & imaginative thinking

When should I take which classes?Edit

Sample 4-year Major Map for the 2009-2010 UMKC College of Arts & Sciences Catalog


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